Hi There,

I'm Michael

I like to move beyond the obvious.

I do have a thing or two for 3D stuff.


My work often involves 3D modeling. Here you can find experiments where I test software, modeling techniques, rendering, simulation, proceduralism.

//and a thing for using//

By combining code and design, I think about automation, algorithms, or procedural design, where you can make more complex things than you could ever imagine. Having things always look great, as with responsive design. Or randomness, which is very hard for us pattern-seeking humans. Also, Variables to make the same, but different.


I make things for MRI research

[1] Magnetic Resonance Imaging

I’ve been on a journey in the field of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) research, which involved a lot of cad modeling, prototyping, developing workflows and experimenting.

And I design and build spaces

When designing a space, I try to focus on the experience, how visitors can interact and engage with it, how they can be guided and perceive the content in the best possible way—the Design evolves out of these thoughts. 

Michael Kennedy

living and working in Zurich, Switzerland


I enjoy experimenting with software, new tech, collaborating with other designers and rethinking old habits.
The driver for many experiments is curiosity or my interest in a specific topic or to learn something new.
Sometimes I follow a particular idea, and other times, it’s just to see what software or tech can do and achieve.

I’m particularly interested in the innovation space and the early stage of product development.
I enjoy hunting for new technologies, experimenting, prototyping, developing solutions and communicating concepts.

Sparking creativity or innovation through sharing knowledge is something I genuinely enjoy.
After my BA in industrial design, I got the opportunity to tutor occasionally at the University of the Arts Zurich. I participate in student projects by holding inspirational kick-off talks, discussions, design critique and try to push student-projects to the next level.

key skills

3D content creation 


communicating in multidisciplinary spaces

becoming savvy in new spaces


languages: German and English


4+ years to present

University of Zurich

Laboratory for Social and Neural Systems Research (SNS Lab)

Industrial Designer and Researcher in the field of MRI research.

2+ years to 2017

ZHDK University Of The Arts

Tutor Assistant, Designer

3+ years to 2015

Freelance design projects

Comercial products and interiors as a freelancer

10+ years to 2015

Other experiences

Multi-skilled mechanic (polymechanics), service technician, metal worker, carpenter roofer, hospitality industries.


ZHDK University Of The Arts

BA Industrial Design graduated 2015

Multi skilled mechanic

polymechanic with expertise in building physical prototypes


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